Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hi Everyone!

There is an artist by the name of Rhonda you really need to know about.
She is a designer that works with silver, shells, sea glass, pearls and vintage items. How many of us have seen broken jewelry at an estate sale, consignment shop or thrift store and thought, "That is so pretty, I wish it wasn't broken" and then put it back down and walked away? Not Rhonda, she sees a piece and thinks and dreams about what she can do with it to give it life again, to make it useful and valuable once more.

From the very young to the very recycled, I refuse to describe someone as old, no matter your age, you can find something in her shop that will be perfect for you. 

WHAT!?!?! You say you don't wear jewelry??? Well, guess what! she has something for you too.

 You say, "I make my own jewelry." She even has somethings for you.

Seriously, you need to go and check out her shop. Yes, you!! GO NOW!!

Remember, every time you buy handmade, you are helping someone live their dreams and create beauty.

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