Thursday, July 28, 2016

Helpful Hint Time

When you start on a new pattern, no matter if it's knit or crochet, you are supposed to make a sample swatch. I know, nobody really likes to do this. It seems as if it's a waste of time, materials and such.
Well, guess what. YOU NEED TO DO THIS!!! If you don't, you run the risk of not having enough yarn to finish the project or having too much left over. It may not fit the way it should. I mean really, this takes so little time to do. You most likely don't crochet the same as the designer so CHECK YOUR GAUGE!!

If you put your project down and pick it up a day or two (or more) later, you really need to do another sample. Your mood can be different and that can make your stitch size different.

There is an upside to doing this. If you save your samples, when you have enough you can stitch them together and make a scarf or an afghan. I can hear it now, "I have too many afghans or my friends and family have too many and don't want anymore." I have a solution for that. Donate the finished project. There are plenty of organizations that would gladly accept a donation that  you have made. So not only are you making sure you keep the gauge of your project consistent, you are helping someone else who needs it.

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