Monday, July 29, 2013

Fun Finds

It is amazing just how many talented people have shops on Etsy. The more items I list in my shop and the more sales I make, the more things I see that I want to buy and share with others.

Peridot Bumblebee Charmed Glass Earrings

This bracelet is just beautiful!

Vintage 1960's Cuff Bracelet - Lavender, Purple Rhinestone Clamper Bracelet
Just remember to visit these shops to see what other wonderful finds you can make.
Thanks for checking them out, and remember to Keep Dreaming!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I just love the color purple!
Etsy has so many creative people I hade to share a couple of items with you.
Of course they are purple

Kid's Room Art Print Colonel Purple Turtle Limited Edition Art for Boys, Art for Girls, Baby's Room, Baby Decor, Nursery, Preschooler

Sleep Soundly - Amethyst Turtle Carving with 20 Minute Personalized Reiki Distance Healing, Energy Healing, Chakra Balance

What purple items can you find that make you smile??

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Craft shop sales 7/14/13

Just a little heads up, Michael's Arts and Crafts has a coupon on their website for 25% off your entire purchase. This includes sale items!!

Love these types of coupons! Thank you Michael's!!

Hobby Lobby has their standard 40% off coupon

Go to their respective websites to get these coupons!

On a side note, Michael's will take competitor's coupons where Hobby Lobby will not.

I'm not sure what JoAnn's policy on coupons is but I do know that if you purchase something online from them they will not exchange it in store, you have to send it back to the company  :(

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Just the beginning

Although I have had an online store

for a good many years, I have just now started a blog.

My Grandmother is the one who instilled in me a love of crochet and she always told me to never give up my dreams.

My shop is named for her.

Although crochet is my first crafting love, Over the years I have expanded to others forms of crafting (more on those later)

Occasionally I will link new items in my shop, sometimes I will write about comical events (of which there have been many) in life,
I may post recipes or crochet tips, links to interesting finds on Etsy and possibly really good sales (although if you know me you know that I HATE to shop).

So bookmark this page and come back to see what's up and give me some input (if I can figure this whole thing out)

Take care and keep dreaming!