Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Birthday Gift for Louis

My son, Louis, is going to be 27 this month.

Even though he is technically a man, he still has this little boy side. Parents know what I am talking about, the part of them that still likes to play video games, watch silly videos on YouTube, that side.

Well, I asked what he would like for his birthday this year. Louis, being sweet and knowing that I don't have lots of money, asked if I could make him and Angry Bird beanie, the red one. So, I got to work on it and the end result is pictured below. I did give it to him this evening. So that he can take it to Vegas with him in case it is cold enough to wear.

He loved it!

The pictures are not the best, I used my dumb phone.
I hope to be getting some better pictures of my son modeling his new beanie. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Really easy cake

Hi Everyone!

Life is just a bit crazy these days with trying to get ready for the shows.

I did however try a recipe a couple of weeks ago that I have to share.

This is the EASIEST cake ever!

Just use one box of angel food cake mix and one can of crushed pineapple.
Mix the two together and watch it start to bubble (really freaky)
Pour it into a 9x13 pan that has been sprayed with no stick spray
Bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. The time is just an estimate.
Let it cool just a bit and enjoy.
I think it would also be really good with whipped cream topping or top it with rainbow sherbet or pineapple sherbet or even just vanilla ice cream.
If you use the whipped cream you could even add fresh strawberries.

Hmmm I think I need to bake this again and do some experimenting with it.

If you try it, leave a post and tell me what you thought of it and if you made any changes.

Have a wonderful week and remember to always Keep Dreaming!